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We are Rochester’s Premier Doggy Daycare exclusively for small dogs because small dogs interact and play in a very different way! We offer a vastly different experience for small dogs than any other doggy daycare in the area.  Because small dogs and big dogs interact and play in a very different way, they are sometimes divided into two groups in traditional daycares. A Dog's Dream goes a step beyond that, to offer a completely separate environment where little dogs can get the precise treatment, love, and care they deserve. A place all their own! With our dog grooming services in Rochester NY, you can be sure your dog gets the lavish treatment and is in safe hands. This is truly the ONLY way to ensure that your dog is never in a group with large dogs!

In today's fast-paced, busy world, it is very difficult to give our pets the attention they desperately need to be happy and healthy. Our doggy daycare is a place where busy parents can leave their dogs for a couple hours or the whole day to go to work, run errands, or have a play date of their own without the guilt of leaving their pup home alone again. It is also proven that dogs need a good amount of socialization with other dogs and different people to lead happy and well-adjusted lives. 

Your dog(s) will get undivided attention by one of our PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified daycare supervisors, and because our daycare is only for small dogs, it is much smaller and quieter than traditional doggy daycares. This means that we get to know each and every dog that comes to daycare very personally - second best only to you!

Daycare Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm (By appointment only)

Daycare Pricing*

A La Carte Day - $35
Beginner's Package (8 Visits) - $210
10-Day Package - $300
Unlimited Month Package - $450

*All prices are subject to sales tax. Packages may be split between dogs from the same family & multiple dog discounts are available.
*Referral Program for Daycare and Grooming - $5 off to you and a new friend for a referral!

To attend daycare, a completed application and a brief interview are required to ensure that your dog will be a good fit with the other dogs in our daycare. Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or people are not allowed. Interviews are free of charge. Please fill out the enrollment form below and call us today to set up your interview!

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